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Betta Aquatics carries a massive selection of pond equipment which is available all year round, including:

  • Oase pond pumps, Pontec pond pumps and Blagdon fountain pumps.
  • An all-in-one pump with filter and UVS built-in from Blagdon and Hozelock; pressurised filters from Pontec, Cloverleaf and Hozelock, and Cloverleaf filters for the larger ponds.
  • Evolution Aqua UV sterilisers and Cloverleaf UV sterilisers (to stop your water going green), preformed ponds and pond liner off the roll.

And, remember, if you and your pond reside in our local area, we offer a pond cleaning and maintenance service between March and September. We maintain filters and change UV bulbs. To clean the pond, we put the fish in a holding tank, pressure-clean the pond and trim any plants.

Pond fish and Koi are stocked from March to October.

  • Koi - all sizes
    Koi - all sizes
  • Shubunkin
  • Sturgeon
  • Golden Orf
    Golden Orf
  • Tench