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  • Tropical Fish

    Tropical Fish

    from community fish to catfish and new stock every week for our exotics and corals

  • Reef Exotics

    Reef Exotics

    a good selection of corals and marine fish

  • Aquariums & Equipment

    Aquariums & Equipment

    from starter to expert with wide range of filters, lights, treatments, plants and more

  • Plants


    live and artificial for your aquarium or pond

  • All About Ponds

    All About Ponds

    pond fish from koi to plants, equipment, consultancy and cleaning services

  • Reptiles & Tortoises

    Reptiles & Tortoises

    large selection of snakes, lizards, geckos and tortoises in stock, housing and equipment

Betta Aquatics has been around since 1989, when we started out in a garden centre in Elmstead Market. You seemed to like what we offered, so much so that we found we needed to relocate to larger premises in Colchester and then to Elmstead Market in 1998.

We're Bigger Than We Look

We stock practically everything you could possibly need to keep your tropical, cold water, pond fish in top form; but, if there is something else that you want, we can normally acquire it within a few days. Our staff are helpful and knowledgeable so, please, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

And it gets ‘Betta and Even Better’. We also run a pond and aquarium cleaning service (available locally) and can offer advice and consultancy for everything to do with your pond.

  • Reptiles


    Discover Betta Aquatics’ large stock, of:

    • snakes
    • lizards
    • geckos
    • tortoises

    We also carry all the housing and equipment you would need, including bulbs, substrate, heatmat, decoration, d3 bulbs; not to mention frozen rodents and a weekly delivery of live insects for food. Find out more ...

  • Aquariums


    We have a large selection of aquariums (with or without cabinets), from starter kits to expert sizes and are the main dealer stockists for Juwel and Biorb aquariums.

    Our stock of aquariums (with or without cabinets), ranges from starter kits to expert sizes.

    Betta Aquatics also carries a wide range of aquarium equipment, plants (live and artificial) and so much more. Read to find out more ....

  • Ponds


    Betta Aquatics stocks a large selection of pond fish, koi and pond plants - available in season.

    You'll be spoilt for choice when you see the pond equipment we carry - available all year round - including Oase pond pumps, Pontec pond pumps and Blagdon fountain pumps.

    In addition, the Betta Aquatics team can provide a pond cleaning service (available locally) and offer advice and consultancy. What else? Read on ....